Hello, Wordpress. I hear good things.

I kept a livejournal (shush, it was cool back then) in college, and I did a pretty good job of keeping up with it. Posted every couple of day, at least. I had a lot of things to say, I guess, and a vested interest in procrastinating (ten page papers on gothic* literature will do that to a girl, I suppose). I don’t have quite the motivation anymore. Also, my life isn’t quite as… reportable now. Stability does terrible things to your writing; nobody wonders why all the greats were alcoholics. “Curtis went to bed early for to get up and work at five while I stayed up a little longer to catch just one more episode of Veronica Mars,” is not exactly scintillating stuff. And yet. And yet! I know that writing perpetuates more writing, so write I will. It’s probably, like, good for my brain and stuff. So all my fans — cough, Auntie Molly, cough — can expect another blog post today (like, hopefully a real one) and who knows, maybe tomorrow as well?

*Spell check apparently does not like the word “gothic”.

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