Going to Sleep Sound Tonight…

Also having to do with Veronica Mars, by way of an incompetent sheriff: Curtis and I just walked over to Fred Meyer, and there was a man being cuffed out front by a sheriff. We giggled about how long it seemed to be taking; there was certainly no resistance from the perp. We got a couple of coffees, picked up a couple of six packs, waited in line and checked out, and when we walked out THEY WERE STILL TRYING TO CUFF HIM.

The man was very patient.

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2 Responses to Going to Sleep Sound Tonight…

  1. Hailey says:

    Maybe it was my old friend Officer Cortez who is to nice to give a ticket to a girl even though she has both a headlight and a taillight out, doesn’t know what her registration looks like and can’t find a current proof of insurance to save her life. I imagine he might be the type to never have been pushed far enough to cuff someone.

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