More Handcuffs

We went to see a sneak preview of the new Will Ferrel movie last night — The Other Guys. Very exciting for me, as I hate paying to see movies. I feel like I go to the regular, non-cheap theater about once a year, twice if it’s a Harry Potter year. Security was obviously intended to be high, but it was mostly a joke. The ushers had night vision equipment. There was a metal detector (which Brandon somehow escaped by asking if “[he] was cool.” Apparently he was indeed.) Guys in suits had handcuffs in their back pockets. I’m not sure where to even put the air quotes in this sentence, but here goes: They were “confiscating” “everyone’s” “cell phones”. All right, cell phones were for real, but the whole thing was so silly, I say more unnecessary air quotes please. There was a guy at the fron of the line asking for people’s phones and almost every single person waltzed past. “What was that sir? Do I have a phone? On my person??? Do you see a cord dangling from my pocket?” It must have been the least tech-savvy crowd I’ve been in since 1996. I didn’t turn in my phone either, not because I was afraid of losing it, but because I was afraid they would laugh at the last remaining clam shell phone in America. They probably would have let me keep it because they felt so sorry for me. Like, how sad it would be if I thought that my little gumball phone could surreptitiously film their big blockbuster movie.

The movie was pretty funny. An excellent free movie. I don’t know, check to see if someone posted it online yet.

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One Response to More Handcuffs

  1. Hailey says:

    So good!!!!!

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